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BBF Sp. z o.o. is an engineering-consultancy company, established in 1989, offering comprehensive services related to preparation and implementation of investment projects: from consulting, studies, expertises, analyzes of costs and benefits (feasibility studies, preparation of tender documentation and technical specifications), supervision of investor, through design, the supervision of works and project management in areas such as water and sewage management and environmental protection, railways, roads, power. We provide consulting services for companies that aim is to compete on a common European market on a professional basis, using professional tools of business.

The scope of the main services include:
  1.  Preparation of investment projects for co-financing from the European Union
  2. Project Services in fields below:
  • water-sewage management (water-treatment stations, water intakes, pumping stations, etc.)
  • waste management (projects of landfill, landfill reclamations, waste neutralizing plants, etc.)
  • railway infrastructure
  • road infrastructure
  1. Preparation of tender documentation (according to FIDIC procedures, required by the EU and the Public Procurement Act)
  2. Services in supervision of construction work
  3. Preparation of applications for financing projects (NFOŚiGW, WFOŚiGW, Ecofund)
  4. Comprehensive analysis of investment projects (feasibility study, determination of economic efficiency)
  5. Analysis of social-economic for cities and communes (development of long-term investment programs, budget assumptions, budget forecasts, searching sources of financing urban and commune investments, municipal bond issue service
  6. Audits of projects co-financed from European Union funds
  7. Development and implementation of restructuring programs (financial, technological, employment, asset and marketing restructuring)
  8. Analysis of economic and legal enterprises (development of recovery programs, diagnoses of economic and financial opinions and legal expertises)
  9. Elaboration of strategies, plans and programs for the protection of the environment
  10. Reports about the impact of the venture on the environment
  11. Elaboration of applications for integrated permit and aquatic legal survey
  12. Environmental reviews.
  13. Study of conditions and directions of commune`s spatial management
  14. Project preparations Regulations of maintaing order and cleanliness and the relevant regulations.

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